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FRONTERA - Nebbiolo Rosato


Nebbiolo Rosato

Teglio, Italy

A new “Frontier” into winemaking as, our founder, Brian Hughes drops his first Italian wine and his introduction into life in ITALIA.

The Nebbiolo grapes, born above Brian’s Villa del Lupo, in Teglio, Italy. The ancient vineyards of the Valtellina are legendary to the wisdom of the past and the yielding of the future.

On the Rhaetian side of the Italian Alps, from east to west, with southern exposure and the cool mountain evening air, “Frontera” will bring you to “La dolce vita”.

Bouquet: cherry, raspberry, strawberry.
intense flavor and light tannic note, characteristics coming from the kind of vinification, but above all from the vine, very harmonic and balanced.

Pairs well with The Sun, Risotto, Fish, Cheese, Poultry and Red Meat

Prestige Pinot Noir 2017 by Three Arrows Winery


2017 Kasim Family Vineyard - Pinot Noir

Russian River - Sonoma County

Winston S. Churchill one said " I am a Man of simple tastes; I am easily satisfied with the best."

When My obsession with wine began, it was the Russian River Valley Pinot Noir that stole my heart and sent me on a course for perfection.

Grown from a single estate at Kasim Family Vineyard, Prestige comes from the best grapes with the best in mind.

With a dark, fruit-forward intro, this wine strolls into a pronounced mid-palate of rhubarb and dark plum.

A one of a kind masterpiece, Prestige was made for those who are simply satisfied with the best.

Fortis by Brian Hughes Winery


2016 Reserve Red Blend

Sonoma County

"What lies behind us and what lie ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us." ~ Henry David Thoreau

When deciding the direction of this elegant, broad and undaunted blend, I kept circling back to the North American Grizzly Bear.

Beautiful and majestic to watch from afar, Bold, strong and courageous up close.

Broad ripe fruit on the nose with distant strains of raspberry. A dynamic mid-palate with dark fruit and a silky, velvet finish.

A handcrafted perfection, this elegant blend will exemplify the "Fortis" in us all.

Omnis Chardonnay by Brian Hughes Winery


2019 Foppoli Family Vineyards - Chardonnay

Russian River Valley - Sonoma County

"I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be one" ~ Crazy Horse

Extra Aged in Fine French Oak Barrels, Omnis is my first journey into winemaking and is nothing short of romantic, sexy, silky and warm. With an even balance of caramelized pineapple and minerals on the nose, the front palate offers welcoming spiced pear, caramel and meyer lemon indulgences. The perfect balance of acidity throughout the palate, the finish is greatly well-rounded.

Born on a Single Estate on Foppoli Family vineyards, Omnis will bring you to the center within you so that you may find that center within another.

Scapegoat Cabernet Sauvignon by Brian Hughes Winery


2017 Cabernet Sauvignon

Alexander Valley - Sonoma County

When I first met famed Winemaker, Jesse Katz, we instantly became brothers. His kind and loving nature exemplifies to his award-winning, phenomenal wines.

Over a Gentleman's handshake, Jesse and I set course to create ONE Barrel of The Greatest Cabernet that would stand the test of time.

In every drop, you will taste the greatness of when two visions collide and become a  SCAPEGOAT.

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